This is our small tribute to all those who help us day after day to offer our customers the best products, fresh from the field. It is the story of families and their commitment to quality and land.

At Greenfood Ibérica, we want to recognize and highlight the work of those families, who work so hard to bring the best of their farms to our homes.

Trust, passion for excellence, innovation and integrity are the values of our company and our goal is to build lasting relationships, with all who share them.




From the fields to our homes


A family of farmers

“I feel proud to be part of the labor that my parents and grandparents have done to build this company. It is a pleasure that we can see our lemons reaching other countries like Sweden and Finland and become part of their food stores. It makes me feel very proud.”


Women in farming

“My name is Maria. I am an Agricultural Engineer. And right now I work in the production of vegetables. I decided to work in the field, in agriculture, because I am the daughter of farmers and it is a world that I am passionate about, that I love, and I knew that this was my thing.”