Your distribution solution for fresh fruit & vegetables in the Nordic markets & UK


Your distribution solution for fresh fruit & vegetables in the Nordic markets & UK


We are a full service provider, supplying Spanish fresh fruit and vegetables to the Northern European countries.

Our clients are wholesalers, fresh cut producers and retailers in Scandinavia, countries around the Baltic Sea and the United Kingdom. We have a wide product range consisting of most common products, as well as specialty categories, such as bio products, herbs and special tomatoes.

We want to grow with our customers helping them to offer their consumers a product that is sustainable and healthy, with great taste, convenient packaging and produced ethically respecting the workers rights.



  • Trust: We work every day to gain the trust of all of our stakeholders, both clients and suppliers of produce, transport and other services. We aim to build long-lasting relationships with all of them.
  • Passion for excellence: The passion for a high-quality work is a part of the company’s DNA. We aim at continuously improving our work, both at individual and at company level throughout the whole value chain
  • Innovation: We continuously challenge ourselves and those around us to add value for our customers and their consumers
  • Integrity: We are transparent, open, honest and ethical.



Jussi Alitalo

CEO GreenFood Iberica


The history of GreenFood Iberica begins in 2004, when Jussi Alitalo, a Satotukku buyer in Finland, moved to Spain after meeting his lovely wife Isabel. The objective was to build a purchasing office in Spain for the provision of fruits and vegetables, mainly for Satotukku.

Jussi did not speak Spanish at that time and put himself in the hands of his wife Isabel. They started traveling around Spain in search of fruit and vegetable producers. They stopped in different villages, talking to people in bars and cafes, asking the people what they are producing in the area and meeting different growers and, little by little, this network of producers began to bear fruit and the business began to grow.