Delivered to your warehouse several days a week


“The carrier must load, handle, stow, transport, maintain and take care of the goods that it loads”

(The Hague rules, in articles III, rule 2)

Moiz Abid

Logistics Manager

This is a basic rule that our logistics department takes into account in our daily work. Fresh vegetables and fruits are live products and their life process continue after harvest.

The products with which we trade, have very varied requirements for safe storage and transport and we ensure that they reach you in the best possible condition, in your home base.

For these reasons, our daily mission is to achieve fast and timely deliveries of our high quality fruits and vegetables, either by sea transport or by road, with refrigerated trucks.

Our strength in logistics is based on the following pillars:

  • Flexibility: We can deliver any quantity starting from 1 plt, to any part of our market, several days a week.
  • Control: Our team of transport dispatchers are controlling our trucks 24 hours, ensuring correct, timely deliveries, with correct temperatures.
  • Efficiency: Thanks to our large volume, we are able to have fast and eficient deliveries, several times a week without having a warehouse.

“Greenfood Iberica – A Great Team”

“Greenfood Iberica people are experienced professionals, who has high capacity to handle pressure and does not lose their nerves, but are capable of taking hard decisions in difficult circumstances.

The company is also very partner orientated and is constantly looking for solutions to satisfy the needs of their customers…

Greenfood Iberica people are true team players who can effectively deal with international business in an fluent manner.

And the greatest thing is that the whole Greenfood Iberica team consists of great people!
We work together many years, and the whole Team is always there to support us, if needed. Together we can always find a solution in any situation.
Working with Greenfood Iberica is always a pleasure for Kreiss!”


Kreiss team


Every day the consumer is more conscious of the quality and the origin of the food they eat. Therefore it is very important for us to be able to help our customers to demonstrate the consumer, where our product comes from, how has it been grown and how has it been treated. As a consequence, we are able to provide for each and every delivery of our goods the following:


  • Traceability throughout the entire supply chain
  • Regular controls, audits and inspections carried out by our quality team in the origin, in order to guarantee product safety.

We have a wide range of Organic produce, which are free from any chemical protection or chemical fertilizers. By having all our growers Certified by organic farming, we guarantee a natural and organically friendly growth of the fruits.

IFS Broker is a standard especially designed for brokers, agents and importers and assures the products’ safety and quality.

The standard certifies that all involved parties act according to the product safety and quality demands. Brokers, agents and importers are also obligated to inspect their suppliers with regard to regulatory and contractual requirements. We are expecting to obtain IFS Broker certificate by September 2018.

GAP is an acronym for Good Agricultural Practices. The aim was to bring conformity to different retailers’ supplier standards, which had been creating problems for farmers. It is now the world’s most widely implemented farm certification scheme.

Global GAP is a standard for fruits and vegetables which covers all stages of production, from land management and plant protection to the product handling after harvesting, packaging and storage.

All our growers are Global G.A.P. certified.