Consumers are increasingly concerned about the quality of their food and where it comes fromAs a result, for us it is very important to work closely with our customers so they can offer their consumers information on the origin of products and how they were cultivated and processed.

We can provide the following information with each product delivery:

  • Traceability throughout the supply chain
  • Regular inspection, oversight and monitoring by our quality team at the place of origin to guarantee the safety of our products.

In addition, we have a wide range of organic products that are free of chemical treatment or fertilizers. All of our farmers have ecological cultivation certificates that allow us to guarantee natural and ecological cultivation.

IFS Broker is a standard designed especially for intermediaries, agents and importers that guarantees product quality and safety. The standard certifies that everyone involved acts in keeping with requirements for safety and quality. Intermediaries, agents and importers also have the obligation to inspect their suppliers to guarantee legal and contractual requirements are met. 

GlobalG.A.P. is a certification for fruit and vegetables that covers all production stages, from soil management and plant production to manipulation after the harvest, packaging and storage. GAP stands for “Good Agricultural Practices”. Its goal is to combine the many different retail standards that were previously creating difficulties for farmers. Currently, it is the most widely used global standard. All of our farmers are GlobalG.A.P. certified.